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Singgahi Lombok, Begini sambutan Krida Toyota atas kedatangan Tim Beyond Indonesia - East Timor with Toyota

Kedatangan Tim Beyond Journey di Krida Toyota NTB pada tanggal 17 April 2018
Berbicara tentang mobil, aku yakin sebagian dari kalian pasti berpikiran tentang satu nama merek mobil yang terkenal yang katanya awet dan irit yaitu "TOYOTA", dan tepat sekali beberapa hari yang lalu Selasa, 17 April 2018 di Krida Toyota (Dealer Resmi Toyota di Lombok) pun dengan gembira menyambut kedatangan para team Beyond Beautiful Indonesia yang telah melakukan perjalanan panjang kurang lebih 20 hari dari Indonesia Barat hingga Timor Timor. 
Wah aku gak abis pikir nih melakukan perjalanan jauh  selama 20 hari untuk suatu misi dan melewati darat laut gunung pantai dan sebagainya dengan hanya menggunakan mobil via darat. Salut buat om-om journey.

Oh ya, sebelumnya pasti kalian pada masih belum tau siapa sih Tim Beyond Journey ini. Tim Journey Beyond Beautiful Indonesia merupakan gabungan tiga komunitas. Pertama, Team Velozity Journey 2018. Kedua, Team Toyota Kijang Club Indonesia (TKCI). Ketiga,

How to Move On (Best Advices Ever!)

Yup. Hari ini tanggal 28 Februari 2013. Tak terasa esok pun tanggal 1 maret. Ya, bulan maret itu bulan yang sangat berarti bagiku. Kenapa tidak? Wong hari ulang tahun ku ini jatuh bertepatan pada bulan ini. Dimana 17 tahun yang lalu di bulan yang sama aku dilahirkan. Sebuah anugrah karunia Tuhan yang Maha Kuasa.  By the way, hari ini saya finalisasi untuk SNMPTN jalur undangan lo. Wow, secepat itukah rasanya, padahal kemarin (beberapa bulan yang lalu) itu saya masih galau-galaunya masuk jurusan difakultas mana. dan tepatnya hari ini saya sudah finalisasi, tetapi belum mendapat rekomendasi dari pihak sekolah aja. Rekomendasinya akan menyusul.
Kenapa harus di rekomendasikan?
Ga tau juga apa alasannya, padahal saat pertama kali sebelum daftar saja sekolah udah kok merekomendasikan kita + penginputan data nilai kita dari rapor kelas  X semester 1 sampai kelas XII semester II. Yah mungkin untuk menguji keseriusan kita. Kurang serius apa cobak? hahaha.

Well, hari ini saya kebetulan lagi buka Tumblrnya Tiffany William dan menemukan Q &; A
( re: question and answer). Okeh saya kutip kata-katanya dari websitenya langsung. Let's read it :

Anonymous: how to move on?
Moving on can be a pain in the butthole but first thing you wanna do is not to talk to them the first few weeks. Ignore their messages and all, keep a distance until you cool off. Second thing you wanna do, just consider them as friends - there are reasons why your relationship didn’t work out and maybe, you’re better off without them. Third thing you wanna do, hang out with your friends and find a fun activity to do - it’ll keep your mind off of them. :-)  Good luck!
Anonymous: What would you do if your parents dislike your dreams and want you to stop trying to reach your dreams?
Ah ya that happened to me some time ago. I wanted to be a psychologist but my mom was like “what are you gonna do with a degree in that” but well sometimes you gotta fight back, you know? It’s your dream and your life. Like when my mom was against my dream I showed her whole lot information about what psychologists do and it opened her mind. Sometimes parents are just backminded, you know? Like they don’t know something so they think it’s just bad for you that’s why you gotta open their eyes and educate them. Best of luck x. I know how you feel.

Anonymous: Suppose that your parents couldn't afford your expenses there (both for living and school fees) but you still wanna study abroad and full scholarships seem hard to get, what will you do?
Ok what I’m gonna do is first get a bachelor degree in my home country (which will be way cheaper than going abroad), then try super hard to get a scholarship for my master degree elsewhere. I hope this helps! And good luck!

  Anonymous: what's your view on love between different religions?

As important as religions may sound, here are some stories of my family.
  1. My mom is a Christian and my dad is a Buddhist, they have been happily married for 31 years.
  2. My sister is a Christian and his husband is a Buddhist, they have been happily married for 2 years, and together for 4 years.
  3. My uncle is a Buddhist and his wife is a Muslim, they have been happily married for 30 years.
  4. My grandma is a Buddhist and my grandpa is a Christian (my mom’s side), they have been happily married for 53 years.
So yeah… as long as you appreciate your significant other’s belief, I don’t think there’ll be any problems. (∩_∩)

Anonymous: I need advice. My boyfriend and I have been going out for a month but I can't stand the feeling of dread every time I see him. I wanna break up with him but I don't know how... I don't wanna break his heart too much but I don't wanna pretend..
Hey love hurts, alright? Don’t be in a relationship you don’t wanna be in. It’s good to break it off sooner because you guys are still in a new relationship. And it’s okay; people think it’s stupid to just date for a month. But if you’re not happy, why keep it?

 praybelievelovesmileenjoylife: What's the best advice your parents gave to you?
Ok this is so simple but it has a deep meaning to me. Dad: I don’t want you to stress out at school. I don’t need your masters, doctorates, Ph.Ds. I only need you to have fun during school, have the most fun you can have, have everything that I did not have.

  Anonymous: hi tiff, i really dont know what to do with my life. i really dont have that one close friend/best friend. my boyfriend doesnt seem to really care about me even if we've been together for more than 3 years. we fought alot, like almost everyday. i really want to break up with him but then he is the only one i have. sigh, i really dont know how to explain. what should i do? i hope you can help me, i really dont have anyone else to talk. not even my siblings. :(

Hey, I think you need to open up. I’m telling you, however hard it is to find good friends you can stick with, it’s important to have a few close friends. As for your boyfriend problem, if you don’t feel happy in the relationship, break it off - even if you’ve been together for 3 years. Neglect in a relationship is worthless too. Relationships are supposed to make you happy, but if it doesn’t make you happy, it’ll just be a burden at your end. So I’d say find friends and talk to people (even your siblings!! Unless they’re so much younger than you).

 Anonymous: Hi tiff, I broke up with my bf last week. I can't seem to move on, I hate this feeling.. Seems he's ok without me. We consider be friends, but If he only feels what I'm feeling.. My heart's so sick. What shud I do?:( pls help! Thx in advance!

If he seems to be ok with you, girl you better start showing him that you’re better off without him. Don’t let yourself look so weak ok, move on! Clearly there’re reasons why you guys didn’t work out; so move on and find someone that you actually deserve! x

Anonymous: so, i'm in a relationship with a guy who has diff religion with me. and i'm haunted by the feeling that i'm wrong bcs you know in my religion God wants me to have a couple who has the same religion with me. what are you gonna do when you're too in love with him too. what are you gonna do? need your advice. thanks.
This is a question I can’t answer. I mean if you think religion > love, then move on.
I’m the type of person who appreciates others’ religions so I don’t mind my boyfriend believing in other belief, as long as he appreciates what I believe in.

 Anonymous: Hi , I have a problem.. I'm in love with someone and many friends have been telling me that he loves me to. Today he awnsered an ask : 'Are you in love with someone' and the awnser was 'no'. Why does he say all the time that he loves me?;s I don't know what to do.. I'm destroyed :/
Umm.. I’m probably the most straight-forward person I know. If I saw “my crush” or “my potential boyfriend” do that I’d go ask him why he did that. I mean if he always tells you that he loves you and then he answers that he is not in love with anyone, his actions and words aren’t synchronizing each other and that’s bad. Ask him what’s wrong.

Anonymous: Why is it so difficult to maintain an ldr? Uhh I'm trying to cope.... Please give me the tips
Because however hard people try to deny its difficulty, it just sucks not having them around. It sucks not having them by your side when you need them most. It sucks not having them to go out with you whenever you want to - even worse when all your friends already have partners they can hang out with during weekends. 
Two tips- communication is key. Skype, text, call them whenever you’re both available. Without a good communication, long distance relationship won’t work long.

Second is commitment. If you really love them, then do love them, don’t say you love them when you don’t because they can’t really see you, so they don’t know how you really feel.

 Anonymous: hi! i really lovee your blog!:) a guy asked me out,i said no,we haven't been talking for 3 weeks, what do you think i should do? thankss
Laugh at yourself. You rejected him, how do you expect him to talk to you again.

 Anonymous: I'm not in love, and I'm damn tired already of this empty feeling. it's been like years now since the last time I liked somebody. I know that life isn't only about love and such but hey I can't help but feel that something is missing in my life, something is missing in my teen life :[ but what can I do about it? I can't insist my feeling to just like someone and unfortunately here I can find no one that's able to steal my heart. what should I do? :(

Hey, your teenage life won’t last forever, and you exactly know that everything is not about love. Go out with friends, be wild, be crazy, live your teenage life. Someone will come and fill your heart and make you the happiest girl alive. :)

Anonymous: Hey Tiffany. Every teenagers hv a love problem and so do I. I hv a close relationship w/ a boy. We were closed to each other before that terrible day came. He suddenly said that he has a girlfriend for 1 week already. I didn't know what should I do but finally I can let him go. But last month, he gave me message on Twitter and he asked about my pin. I gave and we always chat. And until now, we're close. But he always chat in aku kamu with other girl on Twitter. What should I do? Thanks pretty xx
For fuck sake I hate this kind of guy, okay. No offense but really? How do you treat all girls the same? Ok you can treat girls right but there’s always someone that you treat ‘more’ special. Forget him, let him be in his current relationship.

  Anonymous: i liked my guy bestfriend, and he likes someone else, yet the girl that he likes told him that i like him.. now our friendship is like a crap :| whaddayathink?
He’s just trying to get some space. Clearly he only wants friendship from you so don’t expect too much. Give him time and space

 Anonymous: have you ever been able to imagine living your life without your mom? :(
Nah. However annoying she is, she’s still the one I run into when I’m in need

Okay.. I think this enough for today. If you want to read more and want to asking her so lets message her on this site 彼女は楽園を夢見る. 

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