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Asyiknya Liburan se-Keluarga di Kura-Kura Waterpark Disc.10% via App My Blue Bird

Hayoo.. biasanya apa yang kalian lakukan dikala hari Minggu bersama si kecil dan keluarga??? Kepantai ? Ah lama-lama udah bosen ke alam atau pantai-pantai mulu terus deh secara Lombok mah gak abis-abis pantainya. Hihihi.. 
Nah kalo gitu sini coba aku saranin deh untuk kunjungi salah satu objek wisata asyik buat keluarga di pusat Kota Mataram. Objek wisata ini keren banget, banyak sekali fasilitas yang berada di 1 tempat. Buat yang belum pernah kenal namanya "Kura-kura Waterpark dan Kids Fun House". Buat orang-orang yang sudah kenal namanya biasa menyebutnya dengan "Kura-Kura" saja.
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Kura-Kura Waterpark - Family Entertainment
“Kura-Kura”, sebuah wahana waterpark dan tempat bermain serta bersantai untuk keluarga. Buat kalian yang berlibur dengan keluarga berikut buah hati, tempat ini bisa dijadikan list kunjunganmu ketika ke Lombok karna termasuk ramah kantong untuk meni…

Their music has inspired and amazed me

Do you know about " JAYESSLEE " ???
I think you never even heard this name, right ?

Oh.. I know it, i know your answer is and... It's okay. 
Alright, now i will post about it clearly.
Well, why I asking you to know this name ? Hmm.. Just wanna to share about what I like to.

First of all, Jayesslee is a musical group of two girls from Australia. Jeyesslee is  a combination word of Janice and Sonia Lee. They are 24-year old twin sister. They are born and raise in Sidney, Australia.  They are Christiany. They are also kinda cute and cool.

Whoof! Which one they are? Janice Lee is the Elder Sister by 10 minutes and Sonia Lee is the Younger Guitarist Sister.

They always having a creative flare, they explored the field of arts and design straight out of high school, but it did not take long for them to realise their greatest passion was in music. Janice and Sonia are inspired to sing and write about their personal experiences, or the stories of those who have impacted their lives. They aspire to be artists who send out a strong message of hope and freedom through their music.
Ooopppsss, I found what they says about their bio :

We're Janice and Sonia, yes we really are twins. Same hair, same face.
 We're similar in many ways yet once you get to know us. 
You'll find that we're different at the same time :)
We are 23 years old, born and raised in Sydney Australia. 
Both our parents are Korean, so we are able to read, write and speak the language.
We have always shared a passion for singing and now, we are both pretty set on pursuing music

Well, Their music has inspired and amazed me time and time again.
 I encourage you must to visit their page.

The songs I loved so much :

Try - Pink (Jayesslee Cover) 
Payphone Maroon 5 - Jeyesslee 
There is none like you - Jayesslee Cover 
Gangnam Style - PSY (Jayesslee Cover) 
What about the account they have ? I give this :