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Pake Aplikasi My Blue Bird, Diskon 10% Belanja Oleh-oleh Khas Lombok di Sasaku

Halo, buat kalian para penumpang setia dan pengguna transpotasi Lombok Taksi (Taksi Blue Bird) mulai saat ini ada kabar gembira. Mulai per tanggal 7 September 2017, Pusat Oleh-Oleh "Sasaku" yang berlokasi di Jalan Raya Senggigi - NTB, memberikan "discount" atau potongan harga sebesar 10 persen dari total transaksi belanja bagi pengguna Lombok Taksi (Blue Bird Group).
Tentunya terkadang kita ingin membawa sesuatu yang khas dari daerah atau tempat wisata yang kita kunjungi. Baik itu barang koleksi ataupun kudapan lokal. Kalau Bali punya Joger, Krishna ataupun yang lainnya. Jogja punya Dagadu maupun brand-brand lain. 
Lombok juga tidak kalah menarik, karena memiliki pusat oleh-oleh terbesar bernama Sasaku, yang dimana membuka gerai baru di jalan Senggigi. Selain itu kebetulan baru di buka Sasaku Resto tepatnya berada di lantai 2, outlet Sasaku Senggigi.

Kerja sama Lombok Taksi dengan Sasaku, Toko Oleh-oleh Khas Lombok

Sebagai bentuk layanan pihak Blue Bird terhadap ta…

I can’t believe I only have one month of school left.

And then I’ll graduate! Oh where has the time gone… New student year seems like just yesterday. I can still remember it distinctly. Let’s just say it did not start off as well as I’d hoped.

All the embarrassment subsided as we neared the high school. When I got there, I saw some familiar faces floating in a sea of unrecognizable people. I congregated with some of my middle school friends and we went to the library to check out our textbooks. Later I would discover that this was a bad mistake.

Pretty soon, all the students were herded into the aula (named: Aula Rinjani Smansa), where the principal gave us a brief welcoming speech. The gist of it was what he expected from us and what we expected from the school. He wanted us to think about our future. At 18 years old, obviously I had no idea what I wanted to do. College seemed so far away. But the scary thing is, as I am nearing the last year of high school, I still don’t know.

Perhaps I still exhibit the clumsy and silly attributes my 18-year-old self possessed, but I know I have grown as a person.I’ve broken out of my comfortable shell and as cliché as it sounds, “broadened my horizons”. Socially, I’ve become more comfortable with associating myself with new people. Prior to high school, I’ve always viewed the upperclassmen as big, scary people. Other than the occasional jerk that fits the stereotype, most of them are very cool, fun, experienced, “coolest” of the high school. As long as you don’t get caught up with the wrong crowd, they can really make your high school experience fun and memorable. High school has also helped me discover my interests and passions. I don’t know if watching and online are considered hobbies to high school, but I know that these little interests can grow into something bigger than it seems. Perhaps someday my knowledge of running a blog and designing themes will be of good use to me.

I went to a school fair the other day and it has made me very excited and motivated to go to school. At first I had a “I’ll go to whatever school I get accepted to” mentality, but now I’m really working hard to make sure I can get the best test scores in National Examination as much as possible. I think if I work hard enough, there’s a chance that I’ll get accepted by some of my reach schools. I don’t want to be overly optimistic, but I also don’t want to doubt myself.

I’ll be very busy for the next month or so. I’m nervous, stressed, but most importantly, hopeful for the future.

Anyway, I hope that in my final year of high school, I’ll have a better grasp of who I am and what I want to do with my life. I’ve really come a long way and I’m so close to the finish line

- W -