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Singgahi Lombok, Begini sambutan Krida Toyota atas kedatangan Tim Beyond Indonesia - East Timor with Toyota

Kedatangan Tim Beyond Journey di Krida Toyota NTB pada tanggal 17 April 2018
Berbicara tentang mobil, aku yakin sebagian dari kalian pasti berpikiran tentang satu nama merek mobil yang terkenal yang katanya awet dan irit yaitu "TOYOTA", dan tepat sekali beberapa hari yang lalu Selasa, 17 April 2018 di Krida Toyota (Dealer Resmi Toyota di Lombok) pun dengan gembira menyambut kedatangan para team Beyond Beautiful Indonesia yang telah melakukan perjalanan panjang kurang lebih 20 hari dari Indonesia Barat hingga Timor Timor. 
Wah aku gak abis pikir nih melakukan perjalanan jauh  selama 20 hari untuk suatu misi dan melewati darat laut gunung pantai dan sebagainya dengan hanya menggunakan mobil via darat. Salut buat om-om journey.

Oh ya, sebelumnya pasti kalian pada masih belum tau siapa sih Tim Beyond Journey ini. Tim Journey Beyond Beautiful Indonesia merupakan gabungan tiga komunitas. Pertama, Team Velozity Journey 2018. Kedua, Team Toyota Kijang Club Indonesia (TKCI). Ketiga,

Special Message for YOU

I am i girl and i am super shy and i get a butterfly feeling everytime i am around this guy. Rejection is a scary thing, but holding my feelings inside could keep me from experiencing something wonderful. Putting my heart on the line is not easy, but if I do I could be taking the first step to falling in love.
When you think too much you tend to have your focus inwards. You become self conscious, start to question yourself and fear what the future may bring. You get stuck between options for what to say and nothing comes out.

If you instead bring your awareness back the present moment you shift your focus outwards again. You notice what the people you are talking to are actually saying, what is happening in your conversation and around you.

Body language is a subtle way of showing someone that you like them. Yeah.. Holding eye contact, smiling shyly and leaning towards him gives off the impression that I am into him.

When he looks my way I just don’t drop my  eyes, instead hold contact for a few seconds. Do you know, I just showing you signs that I am interested to you. My feelings are continuing to develop, wait for the perfect moment during a conversation and tell you honestly how I feel.

I don't need to be dramatic. Exactlly the thought of saying it to your face makes me nervous. Although modern technology has made these situations less frightening like a text or an email is another way to share my feelings, but there is nothing more special that having that moment in person, i think.

When I think too much, I tend to have my focus inwards. I become self conscious, start to question myself and fear what the future may bring. I get stuck between options for what to say and nothing comes out.

If I instead bring my awareness back the present moment, I shift my focus outwards again. I notice what the people what I am talking to are actually saying, what is happening in my conversation and around.

I want to tell you with something or when you're just alone. But I don't brave to say it.

I turn red and did't say anything. Actually I wanna be to say it very straight forward and don't play games or give hints. I know that some guys don't understand subtle hints and gestures, futhermore it might get very confusing for you if I don't blindly tell you.

But finally I know that :
"Love is not just looking into each other eyes, but looking outward together in the same direction"

- W -