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Pake Aplikasi My Blue Bird, Diskon 10% Belanja Oleh-oleh Khas Lombok di Sasaku

Halo, buat kalian para penumpang setia dan pengguna transpotasi Lombok Taksi (Taksi Blue Bird) mulai saat ini ada kabar gembira. Mulai per tanggal 7 September 2017, Pusat Oleh-Oleh "Sasaku" yang berlokasi di Jalan Raya Senggigi - NTB, memberikan "discount" atau potongan harga sebesar 10 persen dari total transaksi belanja bagi pengguna Lombok Taksi (Blue Bird Group).
Tentunya terkadang kita ingin membawa sesuatu yang khas dari daerah atau tempat wisata yang kita kunjungi. Baik itu barang koleksi ataupun kudapan lokal. Kalau Bali punya Joger, Krishna ataupun yang lainnya. Jogja punya Dagadu maupun brand-brand lain. 
Lombok juga tidak kalah menarik, karena memiliki pusat oleh-oleh terbesar bernama Sasaku, yang dimana membuka gerai baru di jalan Senggigi. Selain itu kebetulan baru di buka Sasaku Resto tepatnya berada di lantai 2, outlet Sasaku Senggigi.

Kerja sama Lombok Taksi dengan Sasaku, Toko Oleh-oleh Khas Lombok

Sebagai bentuk layanan pihak Blue Bird terhadap ta…

My Super 18th

How really great of today! Suprised a lot! Thankfull a lot to everyone! Happier than more over! and absolutelly don't forget to say a ton of love and thanks to my God, Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa.
Yeah. today is my birthday. I am turning 18 years old.

Thank you for my class mates named VINDICO. From morning when I am in class, they always congratulated me. so instead I have initiative to treat all of them with chicken noodle in the canteen. because I think the only chicken noodle is very simple and they like it too. I am very pleased and happy.

Although I have an enrichment (especially the lessons of UAS and UN) in the school which make me going to home late afternoon, I keep on grateful for it. Actually It's terrible time when you have special day absolutelly but you must waiting until the school ended up, right? (=.=" )

Thanks a lot everyone for your encouragements and numerous says. And big thanks to all the people who make this day gratefully!
Sometime after eating my birthday cake (which was given by my classmate- Vindico & my family) then  I am thinking....

Yeah.. today I am getting 18. My parents keep telling me “You’re an adult now. How’s it feel?” I don’t feel any different. I don’t feel like an adult, I still feel like a scared little kid who needs other people to tell her what to do. It terrifies me, honestly, that people consider me a ‘grown up’. Like, who decided to let ME into a position of responsponsibility? Have you MET me? I don’t know, it’s just very weird to think I’ll never be a kid again, I won’t have an excuse to just dance around and be silly. I’m going to just keep getting older and, yeah, there are so many opportunities that will open up for me, but, at the same time, I’ll never be the same again.

Change is weird and I’m not sure how being an ‘adult’ is going to be for me. I’m the most ‘childish’ 18 year old that I’ve ever met. Does this mean I’m going to change? Will I get more serious? More responsible and somber and sure? Or will I be mocked for the rest of my life because people see me as that one emotionally stunted person in a group who never grew up?

I dunno, guys, but cake is fucking delicious.

- W -