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Singgahi Lombok, Begini sambutan Krida Toyota atas kedatangan Tim Beyond Indonesia - East Timor with Toyota

Kedatangan Tim Beyond Journey di Krida Toyota NTB pada tanggal 17 April 2018
Berbicara tentang mobil, aku yakin sebagian dari kalian pasti berpikiran tentang satu nama merek mobil yang terkenal yang katanya awet dan irit yaitu "TOYOTA", dan tepat sekali beberapa hari yang lalu Selasa, 17 April 2018 di Krida Toyota (Dealer Resmi Toyota di Lombok) pun dengan gembira menyambut kedatangan para team Beyond Beautiful Indonesia yang telah melakukan perjalanan panjang kurang lebih 20 hari dari Indonesia Barat hingga Timor Timor. 
Wah aku gak abis pikir nih melakukan perjalanan jauh  selama 20 hari untuk suatu misi dan melewati darat laut gunung pantai dan sebagainya dengan hanya menggunakan mobil via darat. Salut buat om-om journey.

Oh ya, sebelumnya pasti kalian pada masih belum tau siapa sih Tim Beyond Journey ini. Tim Journey Beyond Beautiful Indonesia merupakan gabungan tiga komunitas. Pertama, Team Velozity Journey 2018. Kedua, Team Toyota Kijang Club Indonesia (TKCI). Ketiga,

English Fun : First Meeting

Taking picture with Miss Desi, Tisa, Anding, Alwi, Adri and Dimas.
Hello my friends ... 
Last day, actually in every thursday our class must have a meeting with Miss Desy namedly " English Fun " on Rectorat park but unfortunetely i'd never come in last meeting because i have to part-time working in my shop.  And gratefully, with the blessing of God, I had a chance to come in to this meeting yesterday.

I really really excited and interesting with this activity because (only this time - besides in my english class) i can to learn and trying my english ability (brave to speaking english) with fun and pleasure exactly without doubtly. It's hard to say it with word. :(

The firstly, Miss Dessy allow us to introduce ourself to another friends and give some questions about us like what's ur hobbies, and what kind of somethings unique in your town like "serbuk", "pentol", and the other one that i never heard before. Haahahaha it's funny that i heard about their food (same meaning, but different in pronounciation). Yes, they are from other side of lombok, so i don't know what they mean. 

After that, we must to draw something that we (posibbly-imposibbly) happen in the future. What i mean is that Miss Desy giving challenge to us to explore our ideas/dreaming and drawing it into manila paper and after that we must to explaining that to everyone. Hoping that dreaming will be come true - practicing english with fun, no doubting

Tisa and Me drawing this (under this text). Tisa is a great doodler, i think. We sharing our ideas/dreaming each other, and make it collaborated. Maybe, Two of us is a super jenius dreaming.There are teleportation machine and magic wand in the future (like Harry Potter), smart genius phone (more than just smart phone in this generation), capsule to move on (this is what a brilliant ideas and such a great solution to us which cann't still move on about the past. and trust me, it's work), and then there are a absolutely greencar with the rocket under it, a food-self maker (change a particle into a delicious foods as much as we want), a super diamond ring (give us super power that change everything to be better condition), and the most sense is we want that in the future there is a free pass ticket to all the transportation in the world. Yeah, we absolutelly dreaming to travel around the world. 

I really to be grateful because through this meeting i can brave to speaking english even it's not fluently but at least i've dare to trying speaking english. Gosh... Thank you Miss Desy and my friends in Manajemen A class especially to Tisa.  Honestly, I being to be grateful to have meeting you guys. 

Okey, i hope i have another time to come &  join this english fun day  sooo see you again yaaa. bye